Linen is our “main thing”!   We love linen.  Unfortunately linen production was was discontinued  by WWII in the US where “King Cotton” reigned and synthetic fibers were developed.  Linen by itself has some amazing properties.   Linen is the oldest known plant based fiber, it is also the strongest natural fiber.   It has unique properties allowing it both absorb moisture, but also to “wick” moisture faster then cotton or wool, so it literally “breathes”.  That is why linen is some comfortable in warm and humid regions.

The best flax is grown in Europe along the southern shores of the English Channel in France, Belgium and The Netherlands.  Europeans also have a long tradition of using linen and the production facilities are highly specialized for spinning and weaving linen.  Our linen yarn is spun in Lithuania and the flax comes from both local production in Lithuania as well as flax from  France and Belgium.   Our Mill in Lithuanian specializes in vibrant colors allowing us to offer unique blends of color.

Like fine wines however, the blending process offers dynamic possibilities when combining the best characteristics of different fibers.  Linen is resilient, strong, color fast, but does not stretch or shrink.  By its self is rather a static fiber.   Alpaca wool from the Vicuna Camelids of South America is extremely warm and soft, but lacks resilience and strength.  Sheep wool like Merino has great crimp or resilience but is not as soft as alpaca or as strong as linen.   Bamboo adds luster and facilities the spinning of Alpaca.   Blended together in different combinations we create yarns with the best attributes of the base fibers.

In addition to the blending of fibers, we combine yarns to bring out or high light their best attributes but we also use the structure of yarn jot create or enhance the final product.  This is achieved in our Linen+Alpaca boucle where a mechanical process gives the yarn an additional texture and loft.